herbaceous perennials focus on different perception patterns, surrounded with sea, waves, rocks, pines, forest path
and herbaceous perrenials
a veiled person watching without seeing,
combined with the sound of a dying swan;
a secret observation of someone who is lost in thoughts and summing a strange song,
suddenly becoming aware of his lurker,
feeling caught and gazing into the camera.
A young girl running throught the forest towards the audience, finally in eye contact but slipping away at the end.

A different approach follows the process of memorization.
Herbaceous perennial plants have stems
that die at the end of the season,
but like memories parts survive under or close to the ground from season to season.

Kate Burgener March 2015


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herbaceous_perennials 2015 video 3.41'
Kate Burgener

nternational experimental film and video festival Bilbao 11.- 28.9.2015